Welcome to BossConn Store

BossConn Store is a partial of BossConn.

BossConn (HK) Co., Limited / BossConn Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. LTD is approved by HongKong /ShenZhen China government, and have direct import & export authority to operate..

BossConn is a Precision Connector, Cable Assembly, Adapter/Converter, and Tooling manufacturing company with a top management team having 20 years working experience.

BossConn specializes in designing and manufactruing DisplayPort and Mini 
DisplayPort Cable/Adapter/Converter/Connector, USB 3.0 Connector/Cable, Mini DVI Cable/Connector, Mini SAS Cable. etc.

BossConn products are strictly tested with different display and graphic cards and in compliance with several famous PC/PC chipsets producers, Such as Dell, Apple, Nvidia, ATI and HP.

Most of BossConn products have CE and FCC certificate.

BossConn has established good cooperation relations with several famous DisplayPort chip solution providers, such as ST Microelectronics, Parade, Analogix, etc. 

BossConn's customers are mainly distribute in China mainland, USA, Australia, France and Germany. Such as great customer: NVIDIA USA, Amphenol, Tyco, etc. 

BossConn's headquarters located at BaoAn Shenzhen, it is nearby Shenzhen International Airport, 107 national highway and GuangShen Freeway where is very convenient and accessible. 

BossConn implement 5 days/per week and 8 hours/per day working system. 

BossConn is leading a high definition times, leading manufacturer for various markets such as computer, note/net book, automotive, medical equipment, datacom infrastructures, home appliance, consumer and industrial electronics.

BossConn not only provide high quality products, but also help customer to provide OEM/ODM products and total solutions.

BossConn have recognized that we must offer below key benefits to our business partners: 
Low cost with high quality products, Quick response to market, Early design-in capability and Efficient global logistic management.

Our mission: 
BossConn create an advantage for our customers. 

Our Values: 
At BossConn Electronics, we believe that it takes more than strong performance to build a great company. It also requires an unwavering commitment to our core values and the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

1. Integrity
We must demand of ourselves and of each other the highest standards of individual and corporate integrity. We safeguard company assets. We comply with all laws and company policies . We are dedicated to diversity, fair treatment, mutual respect and trust. 

2. Teamwork
We foster an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, excellence and results through teamwork. We practice leadership that teaches, inspires, and promotes full participation and career development. We encourage open and effective communication and interaction. 

3. Excellent
We recognize that excellence is the foundation of our business. We continuously learn and challenge ourselves to develop new and improved ideas for all that we do. 

4. Accountability
We honor the commitments we make, and take personal responsibility for all actions and results. We create an operating discipline of continuous improvement that is an integral part of our culture.

BossConn experts at USB 3.1 Type C, USB 3.0, Micro HDMI, HDMI D, MyDP, SlimPort, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, 4k*2K products.